The term "Cookies" means cookies and other similar technologies. Which is under the protection requirements Privacy in electronic communications.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text data files that are sent to your computer or device when you use the website.Some types of cookies are deleted after you leave the website, or some types of cookies are stored on your computer. According to the time limit. When you return to use the website again The system will check for other Cookies files on your computer or device. This will let you know that you have used the website before and can customize the information and details. According to your usage reference.

Reasons for using cookies

Cookies help the website to function properly. In addition, other types of cookies are used to collect information about website usage from users. And can improve the operation of the website to be better, easier, or more efficient. These cookies will be stored on your machine when you exit.

Third-Party Cookies

The website uses cookies by third parties. For certain operations within our website. For example, visiting a webpage with videos from YouTube embedded Or have a link to YouTube These videos or links (And other content Provided by third parties) may also contain third-party cookies. We are not able to control the use of that third party's data. You can check the list of third parties. Privacy Notice and Third-Party Cookies Policy Which is different from our website at that third-party website.

How to reject and delete cookies?

To protect your privacy You can change your cookie preferences by enabling / disabling each type of cookies or blocking cookies that we or third party service providers provide for you. Therefore, if you do not wish to use cookies, you may have to wait Always block or delete cookies. However, if you disable cookies, you are still able to visit our website. But some operations on the website may not be available and may not be complete.

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